Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

snowsnowsnow and so...

Holy crap.
It´s STILL snowing here o.O
Last years, I have been sooo happy when we had one day some snowflakes that maaaayyybe last a few minutes.
But this time, it´s still white outside.
Call me happy as hell ^w^

I´m so sick of college these days.
Have to finish my male collection, 4 outfits, tropical/djungle themed.
I was uncreative while designing, uncreative while drawing and i think i will be very uncreative in coloring -.-
My fabric isn´t washed, but i need it wednesday and the washing machine is still dead...
And i got the feeling, my CAD graphics will turn out very boring and half hearted.
This is the rate in the middle of semester... how will it be in the end?

I need definitely holidays and more time for sewing >.<

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